Hamstring re-injury prevention

Hamstring (back thigh muscles) injuries are the most common muscle injury in sports. In the period after recovery from a hamstring injury, many athletes sustain a hamstring injury again. The risk is especially increased in the 3 months after return to sports. A hamstring re-injury is often more serious than the initial injury.


The Nordic Hamstring exercise is a strengthening exercise for the hamstrings. Previous research shows that performing the Nordic Hamstring Exercise in preparation for the football season can reduce the risk of a first hamstring injury. Whether the Nordic Hamstring Exercise can also prevent hamstring re-injuries in the high-risk period after return to sport is unknown.

What is the purpose of the study?


In this research we want to determine whether performing Nordic Hamstring Exercise is effective in preventing hamstring re-injury. This means that in the future it may be recommended to do Nordic Hamstring Exercise to prevent hamstring re-injuries. The effects of the exercise on the sprint and jump performance of some of the test subjects are also examined.

How is the research conducted?

This research is carried out by doctors and researchers from the Amsterdam UMC. 368 participants are needed for this study. If you have been diagnosed with a hamstring injury, you are eligible for this study. The investigation will start after you have fully recovered from the hamstring injury.

In the study, half of the participants performed the Nordic Hamstring Exercise Program in addition to the routine training (intervention group). The other half of the participants will NOT perform the program, but only the routine training (control group). The group you belong to is determined by randomization.

What participation means

Nordic Hamstring Exercise Program

If you are in the intervention group, we ask you to perform the Nordic Hamstring Exercise program. In this program, the exercises are built up in 10 weeks to a maximum of 3 series of 12 repetitions 3 times a week. After that, the exercises are performed once a week in 3 series of 12 repetitions for one year.

Online questionnaires

Secure online questionnaires are sent by e-mail. In these questionnaires you will be asked whether you have (re) injuries, how often you have trained and how often you have performed the Nordic Hamstring Exercise Program. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire (about 4-5 minutes) every 1 weeks for the first 10 weeks. You will then receive a short questionnaire after 6, 9 and 12 months.

Sprint and jump tests

Sprint and jump tests will be carried out for some of the participants (36 people) at the beginning, after 10 weeks and after 1 year. These tests are conducted at the study site and take approximately 30 minutes.


A schematic overview of all measurements can be found in (here)


As a soccer player who has suffered a hamstring injury, you don’t want to have re-injuries that affected your performance. The studies showed that hamstring injuries have a high incidence of re-injuries. Some evidence showed that Nordic Hamstring Exercise was effective in preventing hamstring injuries. We hope the program can also be effective in reducing the incidence of hamstring re-injuries.


For whom?

Are you a male or female soccer player, 18-40 years old and fully recovered from your hamstring injury? You are therefore eligible to participate in this study.



If you have a hamstring injury, register online at any time during your rehabilitation process. The investigation will start after you have fully recovered. The first phase of this research will start in February 2021 until the end of the 2021-2022 season (June 2022). 

How to participate?

To participate in the survey, register online here

if you need more information, please contact the following coordinating researchers:


Muh.Ikhwan Zein (
Departement Orthopedie, Amsterdam UMC
Telefoon: +31 648419199


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